Thursday, June 30, 2011

Will Vinegar Treat Toe Nail Fungus

If you havent read bill book i suggest taking a look , Bills Book many of us who experience toenail fungus, are always in search of home remedies to get away with the doctor’s appointment and bitter medicines. The grandma methods for treating toe fungi also include vinegar method. The question is, will vinegar treat toenail fungus? Vinegar has natural properties that help in curing the illnesses and cure toenail fungus. It is an outstanding natural remedy that helps in neutralizing the effect of fungus on one’s toenail.

The best part about vinegar is that, it is cheap and easily available in supermarkets and local stores for just a couple of dollars. There are certain other expensive cures that range from $6 to $30 but then again, vinegar is proven to fight against toenail fungus and provide you with relief and comfort. Vinegar contains acetic acid that is a pure acid. The toenail fungus that is caused by unhygienic conditions and by keeping the feet moist most of the time, is alkaline in nature. This fungus is so string that it completely changes the pH of the skin and turns it alkaline. This is the reason why you get some itchy and painful feeling on your toenail when you experience fungus around it. The question is will vinegar treat toenail fungus? The answer is surely yes. The reason of vinegar being the best cure for toenail fungus is that, it is acidic in nature. When it is poured on toenail fungus, it tends to neutralize it and this result in neutralization reaction. The micro organisms that grow due to fungus are then cleansed. Also vinegar not only cures the fungus but also helps in preventing it from spreading further in the foot.