Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Past Life Astrology

Ever feel as if you have been somewhere before? Maybe you are attracted to a particular period in history that seems familiar to you in an odd sort of way. past life astrology can help you figure out the eerie connection that you may be feeling. However, this vehicle does not address past lives as you may think.
I was feeling rather bored and restless one day while browsing the Internet for some entertainment. I stumbled upon a past life astrology site that caught my interest. This site offered a “past life generator” for visitors to use. While this seemed kind-of juvenile, I followed through.
To my dismay, I discovered that my past lives changed each time that I re-entered the site. This was the first red flag that the system is purely random. The second red flag was that none of my former lives were remotely similar. This site was entertaining and it served to pass some idle time but I really wanted information about past life astrology.
Past life astrology is quite different from a former lives generator found on the World Wide Web. After reading up on the subject I discovered that this type of astrological study is not really interested in determining exactly who I was in a former life. This was quite surprising to me in a pleasant kind-of way.
The actual process of seeking information about your former lives revolves around lessons that you have learned and ones that you need to learn though the various experience you have had. Past life astrology is more concerned with the present than with history. This is really appealing because the information is practical and relevant to my current situation.
Past life astrology uses your zodiac sign to determine what lessons you have learned throughout the course of history. It also helps you focus on the important factors that you may have missed in earlier existences. From what I gather, past life astrology provides a summary of things that you should have learned during your past life experiences.
The system hinges on your specific zodiac sign. The process serves to make a bond between individuals who are born under the same sign while also addressing the individual differences that we have according to our personal readings.
What I really love about past life astrology is that it really doesn’t dwell in the past. Ironically, it is very much in the present.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

50th Wedding Anniversary

There aren’t many who reach their 50th wedding anniversary, but for those who do, it is a very special moment in their lives. People are getting married later in life now, and many marriages aren’t making it past five years let alone fifty, and that makes this type of milestone even more special. If someone in your family is coming up upon this special time, there are many things you can do to make it extra special for them, and to remind them of how much you love them.
One great thing you can do for someone on their 50th wedding anniversary is to build them a book of memories. You can do this as a scrapbook if you want, but remember that it does not have to be anything fancy if you don’t have the time or talent. Scrapbooks can be rather elaborate today, but that doesn’t mean yours has to be in order to be special. You should gather memories, letters, photos, and anything else from family members that celebrate their marriage of fifty years.
Many families also like to have a large party of the 50th wedding anniversary. This can include family and friends of the couple, and it is a good touch to include children. Though some like to have events without the children, this is one time when they should be there. Nothing will symbolize the success of their 50th wedding anniversary than the reminder that their family is alive, strong, and still growing. Great grandchildren are especially important, if there are any, because many don’t live to see them.
You can decide what would be the most special for someone celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. If you don’t want to do a scrapbook, you can always have a slide show of pictures, or play a game that includes memories of special things the couple did together. You can also get out old home movies if there are any. If you only have film (like 8mm) you can get it transferred to VHS or to DVD so that you can play it without the film breaking or having to worry about finding a projector if you don’t have one any longer. Not only should this celebrate the 50th wedding anniversary, it should also be a celebration of love and marriage, it should also be a celebration of family and all that everyone holds dear in life.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

How To Shuffle Poker Chips

How to shuffle poker chips a small video from utube video clip.com that i found on how to shuffle poker chips very cool and easy for you guys that have always wanted to know .

Click here for the video on how to shuffle poker chips

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

High Traffic Newtork Advertising

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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Woman Want Romance

The next time you are in a grocery store take a look at the cover of the
women’s magazines.They all have a few relationship articles and some romance tips.
Now think about what movies are popular with women.
They are usually about loving relationships.
While those loving relationships can be friendships between women,
more often than not the movie involves the tender romance between a man and a woman.
What does that tell you? Women want romance.

Guys, when is the last time you made a romantic gesture to your sweetheart?
Roses, chocolates or night out on the town are all nice,
but loving romance doesn’t have to cost a lot of money.
Women love to receive romantic love letters.
Writing a love letter to your sweetheart will only cost you the time to write it.
A love letter doesn’t have to be long or filled with flowery words,
it just needs to be from the heart.
Take a few moments and write a short love letter to your sweetheart.
When you see her reaction, you will be glad you did.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Marketing Consultation from the Local Coffee Shop

Since 1995, members of the CreatiVerve team and its founder Daniel J. Rocca have been meeting clients and potential clients at area coffee shops. Daniel explains… “I initially preferred to meet clients at the coffee shop because I didn’t have an office and I wanted the arrangement to be equal; no one sitting behind a desk and no one sitting in front of one. No office phone or company personnel to take the attention away from either side of the discussion. I continue to prefer the coffee shop for the initial client/provider meeting because there is no better place to learn about a person than at a neutral setting.

Our business is about people and to do our job correctly we need to know as much as we can prior to getting started. An office and its environment can be very misleading; it can also cause one to make unfair judgments prior to learning about the people involved. Standing outside the box, when the situation allows; I highly recommend meeting with people over a cup of something hot at a neutral setting.”

Specializing in Marketing Consultation and Creative Direction, the CreatiVerve maxim reads… “Marketing is the Answer… for your business, product, service and you.” After reviewing the CreatiVerve website at: CV360.com (which for the record is a very impressive, clean and professionally designed website) I am thoroughly convinced that CreatiVerve is worth reaching out to. I would also have to agree that Marketing may very well be the answer regarding anything to do with the success of a product, service, business or you!

It was a positive experience visiting CreatiVerve Online, if you have the time to do so I suggest you drop by and bookmark the site; you never know when you or a friend might need a forward thinking Marketing Solutions Company! I also recommend reading the article entitled “A Balancing Act” by Daniel J. Rocca, it told me a lot about him as a person and I found it to be a very refreshing read.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Credit Cards For High Earners

Credit Cards For High Earners

If you earn over £20,000 you may be able to opt for a gold credit card. Now gold credit cards are similar to platinum credit cards and they are designed to give you more privileges. However, some people claim that they do not get many privileges compared to when they had their previous credit card deals and the interest rates are not always as they seem.

So, should you opt for a gold credit card? Well it is completely up to you and if you do you will notice that it is accepted almost everywhere. Some cards are not accepted and that can lead to embarrassment as well as frustration. With a gold card you will certainly not be embarrassed but you really do need to check those interest rates. So many companies offer low rates for a certain time period and people think that they are that price forever. So, read through the terms and conditions and be sure that you are getting the best deal by checking various credit card comparison sites.

Overall gold credit cards are classed as one of the best cards to have, however you do have to be careful. If you can afford it there is no reason why you should not have one but most lenders require you to earn over £20,000 in order to have one.

Remortgages – Would You Add Another Mortgage?

Remortgages – Would You Add Another Mortgage?

If you are considering a remortgage for your home then there are various factors which you will need to take into account. Firstly you need to look at your current mortgage plan and see just how good it is compared to other lenders out there. Then once you have figured out whether it is in fact better to move to another lender, you will then have to see whether it will cost you.

Basically if you have a variable mortgage plan at current you should find that you can easily look for a new mortgage straight away. Again, with a flexible mortgage plan you can change companies whenever you like without having to pay anything. However, with a base rate tracker you may have to pay redemption penalties for changing over and with a variable with cash back option you could well have to pay the difference between the cash back value.

So, it is all about knowing where you stand at present and what other deals are out there. Check to see that you will not be paying a lower amount for only a certain time period by apply for a remortgage quote. Some Lenders fool you into thinking that the lower fees are applicable all of the time but in their small print it clearly shows that it is only for the first year or six months, depending upon the company. Once you have all of the information that you need it is only then that you can make a decision on whether or not to remortgage your home.



If you are struggling with your loan repayments, you may want to think about personal financial planning. Whilst many people associate financial planning as a method of preventing debt in the first place, it can also help you out of it too. So, if you haven’t yet thought about it now is the time!

Firstly look at everything that you have coming in. Then the more complicated task of working out what is going out of your bank each month. You will need to split it into sections such as loans, food, utility bills, entertainment, clothing and household costs. Once you have written everything down, study the list and see if there is anything you can change. For example, do you buy so many DVD’s a month when you could actually get away with cutting it down? Do you eat out on certain days when instead you could eat healthier and cheaper at home? Are your credit cards the cheapest available and offering the best rewards? Think about all of the unnecessary expenses and see exactly what you can change to give you a little extra money for your loan repayments.

Many people find that financial planning really does help them and it really will make you feel more empowered about your current financial situation.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Windows Live

There are so many places that you can blog these days. Today lets look at Windows Live , a free blogging and networking platform. With so many options out there you might ask why would I want to use something that is related and owned by Microsoft. That is a great question in my opinion.

The main reason is that this site has a neat networking feature of being able to add friends. While this doesn't sound like much, it can help businesses reach new customers. If you look at this Arlington Heights real estate profile that was just created you will see that at the top there is a section called friends. This list shows the friends of the member and many people will check out this list and read other peoples blogs.

This free exposure can help you build up contacts that you would have never been able to reach on your own. For the little amount of time and effort needed it is worth taking some time to play with this free blogging platform. For more ideas about how to build up your online presence visit WebNewsForUs a site that helps real estate agents generate more exposure online and off.