Sunday, November 05, 2006

King Musical Instruments

If you play a member of the brass family, you will find that King musical instruments are a pretty good bet. I am not saying that a king musical instrument is always the best bet, but I have been playing them for a few years, and have been pretty happy with the results. The real problem, though, with buying a musical instrument is that they are so expensive that you can not really get the chance to try out a few of them before deciding what to get. Yes, King musical instruments are good, but so are Selmer musical instruments, as well as those of many other brands.
When I was playing harmonica, it was no problem. You could try out a new brand for under thirty dollars, which I thought was quite reasonable. But when I got more serious and switched to brass, I was in a totally different situation. Suddenly, I was faced with paying full price for King musical instruments, simply on the recommendations of my band leader. Let me tell you, it is quite an investment to get new King musical instruments, and that is no joke. I do not have hundreds and hundreds of dollars to just throw around at random – few people do. It means that I am not going to buy my King musical instruments unless I am quite sure that they are just what I want, and that is that.
Of course, you can always read music magazines. I have read several, and many of them recommended King musical instruments as the best brand that you could buy. But even those who chose another brand still said that King musical instruments provide a pretty respectable choice. Then, I looked at musicians who I liked, and found out what they were playing. The brands varied a good bit, but I was a little surprised to see just how common King musical instruments were. It made me realized that I could follow the advice of my band leader and buy that King trumpet that he was telling me to get, without worrying that I would find myself disappointed. You can take my advice and try out King musical instruments, but I think that you would be better with checking out a wide variety of different brands on your own, like I did, before making your decision. You will be glad that you did, I am quite sure.