Friday, November 20, 2009

The Year Where The Internet Invented

So in 1960 DoD made a contract with RAND Corporation to find a solution. Paul Baran, one of the employees of RAND, came up with a solution. The idea was to invent a network highly distributable and fault-tolerant design.
The idea of Baran was presented to DoD in the form of several reports. The officials at Pentagon took interest in the design and called AT&T (the only US telephone network monopoly at that time)to build a prototype, but AT&T laughed at the design solution of Baran and refused to implement it declaring the design impossible to be built. Years went by but DoD could not invent a better command-and-control system. The idea was bought by ARPA and first subnet (the very first form of internet) consisting of some computers were joined together with 56kbps transmission lines was implemented and was named ARPANet.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Great Selection Brands Contact Lenses

Then we have Ciba Vision, who’s product the Freshlook Color contacts has created a rage amongst all people who love to wear contact lenses for cosmetic purposes. Their unique color, shades and tints along with being colorful, the lenses also have the ability to provide vision enhancement to those who need it, thus serving multiple purposes.
Bausch & Lomb, Ocular Sciences are companies that focuses on visionary lenses, such as toric, bifocal, proclear contact lenses etc as all these are the needs of the majority of people who have been wearing spectacles for their whole lives. All these companies have come together to give the world revolutionary contact lenses, that would surely change the way we see!