Thursday, March 04, 2010

Travel Hats for Womens

There are certain tips and tricks for selecting the best women travel hat for yourself when you are planning in long term for a trip. Your hat should be water repellent. You see if you know about the weather of a place that it will be quite nasty in the rain then opting for hat that is made of cotton would do no good as it will become soggy and it would be no fun to travel. It should be washable. Since you are in the sun most of the time with your hat on your head, chances are good that your hat will get sweaty and smelly. It should be wrinkle free. When you leave your home, you have to squeeze in a lot of stuff in your luggage and if your hat would look crumbled after you take it out to wear, it doesn’t give a nice look. It should be UV repellent. It should have a hook or something to make it desirable according to your head size. If it is going to be too windy then your hat tends to fly away with the wind but if its fixed on your head then it can’t go anywhere.