Sunday, November 29, 2009

Free Shipping E-cig Refill Liquid

There are a couple of ways for refilling the cigarettes. The first one is through drip method. Easy steps for this method are:
• Remove the polyester filling inside the cartridge.
• Drip a few drops of liquid nicotine flavor through dropper
• Place the polyester and wait for it to be soaked.
• Add a few more till it is saturated
• Make sure you added enough by pressing the filling.
• Close back the lid

E-cig refill liquid is available for free shipping. This free shipping is basically offered in order to promote the product and its liquid refilling. E-cigarettes can be refilled easily through the methods mentioned above. So by simply ordering an e-cig liquid refilling and following the process, you can easily refill the electronic cigarette and reuse it. Cheap and handy.