Sunday, August 09, 2009

Effective Prescription Weight Loss Medication

The FDA (food and drug approval) has approved of only one drug for the fat absorption inhibitor known as XENICAL for long term use. This too is not free from harmful affects, and is limited to a usage of only one year. There are many appetite suppressants such as SIBUTRAMINE, PHENTERMINE, PHENDIMETRAZINE and DIETHYLPROPION. All these medications are the only approved and considered optimal medications for weight loss. Try not to use unapproved FDA medications, as they could be very harmful and possibly illegal. Further information on FDA approved medications can be found at

Prescription drugs may seem very enticing in media ads and reviews, but it has to be kept clear in mind that these drugs create harmful side-effects that creates disturbance in almost every aspect of the person’s life. The side affects could be oily stool, diarrhea, intestinal discomfort, cramping, fatigue and many more minor and major affects. These medications should not in any way be considered as the magic cure for weight loss, as their affect and usage is temporary but that too at the cost of disturbing side affects. So, the best suggestion is to workout, eat healthy and fresh food to remain beautiful and vital.