Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Past Life Astrology

Ever feel as if you have been somewhere before? Maybe you are attracted to a particular period in history that seems familiar to you in an odd sort of way. past life astrology can help you figure out the eerie connection that you may be feeling. However, this vehicle does not address past lives as you may think.
I was feeling rather bored and restless one day while browsing the Internet for some entertainment. I stumbled upon a past life astrology site that caught my interest. This site offered a “past life generator” for visitors to use. While this seemed kind-of juvenile, I followed through.
To my dismay, I discovered that my past lives changed each time that I re-entered the site. This was the first red flag that the system is purely random. The second red flag was that none of my former lives were remotely similar. This site was entertaining and it served to pass some idle time but I really wanted information about past life astrology.
Past life astrology is quite different from a former lives generator found on the World Wide Web. After reading up on the subject I discovered that this type of astrological study is not really interested in determining exactly who I was in a former life. This was quite surprising to me in a pleasant kind-of way.
The actual process of seeking information about your former lives revolves around lessons that you have learned and ones that you need to learn though the various experience you have had. Past life astrology is more concerned with the present than with history. This is really appealing because the information is practical and relevant to my current situation.
Past life astrology uses your zodiac sign to determine what lessons you have learned throughout the course of history. It also helps you focus on the important factors that you may have missed in earlier existences. From what I gather, past life astrology provides a summary of things that you should have learned during your past life experiences.
The system hinges on your specific zodiac sign. The process serves to make a bond between individuals who are born under the same sign while also addressing the individual differences that we have according to our personal readings.
What I really love about past life astrology is that it really doesn’t dwell in the past. Ironically, it is very much in the present.