Monday, August 17, 2009

Oxycontin Without Prescription Order Online

Brand Name:OxyContin
Medical Name: Oxycodone
Type: Prescription
Class: Pain killer

OxyContin –How does it function?
OxyContin relieves the pain by acting on certain brain receptors. OxyContin is a narcotic agonist. It binds AND changes the functions of the brain receptors. The peak plasma level of OxyContin is attained in three hours. OxyContin, after being absorbed in the blood, is released in skeletal muscles, spleen, liver, and brain. It starts relieving the pain in one hour.

OxyContin is often prescribed to those who have severe or chronic pain, however, it can be recommended to patients with moderate pain. OxyContin is wisely used in pain management plans fro cancer patients. Cancer pain are often caused by cancer itself and sometimes due to the medication prescribed to sure cancer.